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Our passion for customer satisfaction runs deep. We are constantly focused on finding ways to exceed expectations at every turn. Our dedication to intelligent solutions is the core of our philosophy. We believe every project is first and foremost about genuine, rewarding relationships with clients, subcontractors, suppliers, and the surrounding community. We’ve combined our deep expertise with a renowned level of integrity and transparency.

Commercial General Contractor

If you are planning a new construction project in the near future, you may be curious about our project and construction management services. Construction management services fulfill a number of vital functions that you may not be aware of. Most people that are outside of the construction industry don’t have a full understanding of what construction project management services are, what their function is, and what they look like on a day-to-day basis.


Skyscraper Construction will manage complex construction projects. We will coordinate and oversee the construction project from start to finish. From the moment that an owner approaches us with a potential project, all the way to turning over the keys for the completed project to the owner.

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Caulking & Sealants 

We are one of the premier joint sealant installers in Florida. With an unmatched combination of quality and experience and an impeccable reputation in the industry, our caulkers have completed work at some of the most prestigious buildings in Florida.

Sealing Commercial Properties:

Weathered seals around windows let water in and energy out. Watertight windows seal out Florida's harsh tropical climate. The building envelope of high to mid-rise condominiums, office buildings and parking garages should be inspected periodically; and if necessary, resealed. A watertight building envelope protects concrete structures from damage caused by water intrusion.


Skyscraper Construction recommends performing a pull test (adhesion testing) prior to starting any project along with follow up pull tests during the project.


a. Window perimeters & Slider perimeters (metal to stucco)


b. Glazing (metal to metal, glass to glass, glass to metal)


c. Control joints

d. 90 degree and 45 degree stucco to stucco transitions


e. Extruded silicone


Expansion joint and specialty joints — every project is unique and may require a specialty joint specific to the job.

1.Parking and plaza deck joints

2.Facade and abutment joints

3.Interior movement joints

4.Masonry joints


We offer labor & material warranties.

All warranties are reliant on materials used.


Commercial Waterproofing & Expansion Joints 

We are experienced in working with both cold-applied and hot-appliedwaterproofing products including:

1. Polyurethane Waterproofing

2. Epoxy Based Waterproofing

3. Cementitious Waterproofing

4. Hybrid Waterproofing Systems

5. Balconies

6. Elevated walkways

7. Parking garages

8. Plaza decks

9. Planters

Cold-applied waterproofing products and Hot-applied products are available in both pedestrian and vehicular systems.

The selection of product is best made after a consultation with an engineer addressing the specific requirements of the project. The success of the installation is highly dependent on the details. Are the drain details specified by the manufacturer followed to the letter? Is every penetration of the deck fully addressed? Are the expansion joints a compatible system installed with a seamless interface to the waterproofing?

Expansion Joints:

Expansion joints are integral to the maintenance of any moving concrete structure. The joints allow flexibility, facilitating the expansion and contraction of the concrete as temperature and humidity fluctuates. At Skyscraper Construction , we have the equipment and expertise to protect and repair all types of expansion joints.


Expansion Joints are an Integral part of a complete exterior envelope, thermal movement & design movement are very important in making sure that the design of the expansion joint is suitable for the building.   Expansion and contraction take place during various states of weather; this is why expansion joints are so important in high-rise and mid-rise construction.


Expansion joints should be inspected on a yearly basis to evaluate the performance of the expansion joint. If the expansion joint is not performing correctly some of the most common indicators of failing expansion joints is water intrusion and/or delaminating building materials such as concrete and stucco.

The following are the basic types of expansion joints:

  • Fluid applied urethane

  • Fluid applied silicone

  • Pre-fabricated rubber & Composite systems

  • Compression foam joints

  • Mechanical joints


We offer labor & material warranties. All warranties are reliant on materials used.

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restoration .jpeg

Commercial building repair & restoration

About Concrete Restoration

Coastal environmental factors like salt, wind, and water weaken the structural integrity of concrete. 

Buildings and structures along the Florida coastline are particularly vulnerable.


Skyscraper Construction is one of South Florida’s leading concrete restoration contractors. In addition to waterproofing, concrete restoration is one of our foremost specialties. You can count on our team to provide the industry's most cutting edge equipment and top of the line building materials to bring your concrete structures back to life.


Concrete restoration  is repairing walls and balconies that have rusted rebar and/or spalled (heavily weathered) concrete, safety concerns and other considerations for tenants and residents are paramount to developing a successful project workflow. Specialty floor coatings and surface treatments can slow concrete deterioration in newer, structurally sound installations.


Repairing concrete structures is a team effort that requires fluid communication throughout inspection, demolition and restoration phases.   

Our company designs and implements consistent, concrete repair strategies for commercial and multi-family residential buildings in Florida.

Understanding Concrete Restoration

Steps to Ensure a Successful Restoration Project:

1.Have a basic understanding of what concrete restoration is and what causes the need for the work.

2.Understand basic restoration terminology and repair methods.

3.Have regular building inspections every two to four years to avoid structural damage and the expense of hiring an engineer.

4. Make sure that the key people involved understand the importance of having the work done.

5. Determine how the project will be funded. There should always be funding in a ‘Reserves’ account for unexpected damages and repair needs.

6. Have an estimated timetable for the entire project.

7. Put together your restoration team—association representative, qualified structural engineer, and a licensed certified general contractor that specializes in concrete restoration.

8. Understand the contract documents, billing format, and warranties.

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Structural Concrete Restoration

What is Structural Concrete Restoration?


Structural concrete restoration consists of repairing deteriorated concrete and rusted reinforcing steel to bring the structure back to its original specifications and condition. Structural damage is often found on elevated slabs and catwalks, decks, and parking areas. In Florida, most structural concrete damage is caused by moisture intrusion resulting in the rebar rusting. When moisture penetrates the concrete, it causes the rebar to rust. As rebar rusts, it expands up to seven times its original thickness exerting a force of more than 10,000 psi that causes large cracks and spalling concrete. Seemingly insignificant problems on a building’s surface may be outward indications of much more serious problems beneath that can only be determined by a qualified, experienced structural engineer.

Basic Repair Methods We Implement:

  • Removal of existing concrete

  • Coating the steel rebar

  • Replacing the concrete

  • Removal and replacement of expansion joints

  • Application of waterproofing membrane

  • Mechanically cleaning the steel rebar

  • Post-tension cable repair

  • Application of corrosion inhibitors

  • Routing and sealing of concrete cracks

  • Application of decorative coatings

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